We're revolutionizing how trainers monitor hours and invoice clients.

Hey there! You know what we're up to these days? We're completely shaking up how trainers like you keep track of our hours and bill our clients. Why, you ask?

Well, think about all those times when juggling Excel sheets, scribbling in notebooks, and dealing with paper invoices just took the fun out of our day. It was a headache, right? So, why not make it super simple and quick? You can log a new training session in just 20 seconds - it's that fast! And then, sending out invoices? Piece of cake, and they even have Swiss-QR codes on them for instant payment.

Plus, we got this cool feature that shows you what your month looks like and who's lagging on payments and even sends out automatic nudges to those late payers. And the cherry on top - accountants can't get enough of our data export feature. It's a win-win!

Our mission

Our mission revolves around two core objectives: saving your precious time and ensuring you get paid promptly. We recognize that as a trainer, your time is best spent on honing your skills and nurturing your clients, not getting entangled in tedious administrative tasks.

We've designed our system to be your efficient ally, simplifying your routine tasks and giving you time to focus on what you truly love. Whether logging a new session, glancing at your monthly schedule or taking training notes, everything is just a few clicks away.

back to you every week
2.5 hours
saved from silly mistakes
no wrong invoices

Built in Switzerland, with love.